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Do you need help navigating the mall in search of a new wardrobe or an outfit for that special occasion? Switched jobs, changed size, and need to shop? If so, you’ll enjoy shopping with Sara. It’s a fun, interactive outing where your opinions matter and Sara’s advice illuminates.

Sara will steer you away from shopping pitfalls and give you an action plan for successful wardrobe
purchases—now and in the future.

With a style expert’s keen eye for proportion and balance, Sara will show you how to accentuate your assets and downplay what’s less than perfect.

Sara’s easygoing manner makes it a fun experience—like shopping with a friend. Benefit from her expertise. Find outfits you love. Feel empowered and confident in your new knowledge.


$125 – 1 hour
$180 – 2 hours
$240 – 3 hours
$300 – 4 hours
Each additional hour $50

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Every new client receives a FREE half-hour personal style consultation!


“You gave me excellent tools and ideas. I actually didn’t dread dressing for last night’s party. I’m thrilled I met you.” ~ Cheryl