Back To School Fashion Trends 2017

Denim is still leading the way, yet there’s so much more in store. For outfit inspiration check out these clothes from Mall of America featured on Kare 11 at the Minnesota State Fair.

Baseball inspired jackets, graphic tees, slim straight leg jeans, camouflage prints, and thick sole sneakers.

Puffer vests, floral prints, pink, (from light to bright) sweatshirts, boyfriend jeans, sequins and lace up booties.

Contrasting stripes, sweatpants, (joggers too) hoodies and sneakers.

Red, bomber jackets, stripes, moto leggings, and velvet.

Denim shirts, colored denim, (especially in neutral tones) and boots.

Embroidery detail, vegan leather, biker jackets, striped shirts, jeans with destruction detail, faux fur, (you can’t see it in this photo but she’s carrying a red faux fur backpack) and ankle booties with studs and or buckle detail.

While waiting to showcase the back to school fashion trends I had a chance to take a photo with “blue ribbon baker” Marjorie Johnson. She’s a sweetie! 

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