Outstanding on-camera performances in a professional photo studio setting



Spend your time composing, not coaching!
If your shoot calls for using everyday people in front of the camera, you’re probably aware of how working with non-professionals can eat into your photography budget. So, how do you work with talent when they have no experience posing, controlling facial expressions
and taking direction?

That’s where Sara enters the picture. PhotoPrep is a service to prepare non-professional talent for their on-camera appearance. Sara accentuates their natural abilities, builds their confidence, and to puts them at ease in front of the camera—from the very first shot.

PhotoPrep is a service for:

  • Photographers and photography studio
  • Video directors and production companies
  • Art directors and advertising agencies
  • Corporate communications departments

You can rely on Sara:
She is the Trend Specialist for Mall of America, an experienced model, personal development instructor, image consultant, fashion show commentator and television host. Sara offers over 15 years of experience teaching modeling skills. Her methods are supportive, character-building and quickly get results. Among other accolades, she is the recipient of an Outstanding Instructor award from the John Casablancas Agency.

$100 per hour (project quotes available)

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“We had the challenge of shooting with ‘real people’ and brought in Sara. She worked with them to feel comfortable and it made a huge difference. The photos look great.” ~ Jason Hall, Producer–Periscope